Here are Some Samples of My Work in Television, Radio, Podcast and Print Media

I was the New York correspondent for this Podcast that I had worked on as a medical stdent through Residency Training. The podcast showcases the art behind the science of medicine. By exploring the diverse perspectives of medical students, physicians, patients, and health care leaders.Radio Rounds provides a unique voice for the medical community, representing current medical students, pre-medical students, practicing physicians and health care leaders.The goal of Radio Rounds has always been to be more than a weekly radio show aired in Dayton, Ohio. It is the aspiration of the founders that the radio program becomes nationally syndicated through a network of public radio distribution, such as National Public Radio (NPR) or Public Radio International (PRI). The showʼs co-founders are currently developing an affiliation with NPR affiliate stations such as WYSO 91.3FM. Produced own segments with prominent health care leaders such as members of production team of the Dr. Oz show, Laurie Garrett of the Council on Foreign Relations.

We were blessed to had won the NYC Festivals Awards for our Coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Broadcast Medical Journalism

Radio Rounds

Click on Image for Audio of Boston Strong which

won the NYC Festivals Awards for our Coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Amazing interview with a receipient of a double lung transplant in this courages opera singer

I was lucky to spend an hour with Dr. Anthony Fauci at the height of the Ebola Outbreak

Demo Reel

I had the great opportunity to interview a doctor on the front lines of a civil war in Sudan

Never stop learning is something that I have trule taken to heart and so I am blessed to have the opportunity to really learn how to harness the power of the media to impact public health by completing my certificate in Media and Medicine at Harvard Medical School where I am learning from amazing mentors not only working in journalism but also the entertainment industry. Believe it or not, health storylines in drama and film have also made a great impact. My project will focus on attacking ageism in healthcare