Some Important Mentors Along The Way

I have been blessed to have met and interacted with leaders from the broadcast and public healh industry.


Rob Marciano formerly of CNN, now at ABC News
I was honored to work on Anderson Cooper's program when I was vetting Medical Stories at the CNN Medical Unit
Dr. Sanjay Gupta has been a valuable mentor to me that truly inspired me and I am honored to have him now also considered as a friend
It was Bill Hemmer with whom I had a chance meeting at CNN. He is now a voice of reason at Fox News
Ashleigh Banfield has been an intrepid journalist with MSNBC and then at CNN and HLN. she is currently at Court TV. I was a regular on her HLN show
Dr. Fauci has become a public health icon but I have known him since before college days and it was his work that inspired me to follow is footsteps to be Pre Med at Holy Cross College. Amazing he still stays in touch even during the COVID Pandemic
Elizabeth Cohen of CNN's medical unit
Soledad O'Brien has been a journalist who continues to work hard and now owns a media company
Richard Lui of MSNBC Weekends
Dr. Alexander Van Telluken with whom I befriended while in the UK. He is an amazing medical journalist and has been a staple on BBC and ITV
Dr. Sanjay Gupta (A lot younger!)
Dr. Timothy Johnson, the pioneer of broadcast medical journalism
Noah Wyle although not a real doctor has been very active after his portrayal as Dr. Carter in medical charities
Election night at CNN allowed me to meet Paul Begala who had been advisor to President Clinton
Dr. David Nabarro has been the UN's go to person for infection disease. He was Pandemic Influenza's coordinator and was involved in the Ebola Response . I worked on his campaign for WHO Director General
Soledad O'Brien n the set of CNN American Morning
Soledad O'Brien
Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC's Chief Medical Correspondent with whom I have worked with and learned so much
Again Dr. Timothy Johnson, my original mentor
Carol Costello of CNN who used to fill in for Wolf Blitzer on the Situation Room
My good friend and former ABC Medical Unit director Dan Childs on he over look of World News Tonight
Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a true friend and mentor