The Most Trusted Name in News

My mentor Dr. Sanjay Gupta has been instrumental for my entry in this field

Year long internship at the CNN Medical Unit New York Bureau

During my time at CNN’s New York Bureau and my visits after my internship, I got a front seat to the inner workings of a highly respected news organization. While I helped with some breaking news such as President Clinton’s emergency cardiac surgery, I got a chance to look at the busy news room and here is a short behind the scenes look. The reason I got into journalism is because in order to heal and empower patients to take control of their health you have to be on the ground telling the story reaching those that you could never could in a simple medical office visit

I am honored to have been associated with CNN and its sister network HLN as I embark on this quest to educate people on medical issues and to help make sense of all the rapid changes in medicine. I cannot think of a better network of dedicated people to work with

I worked as an intern in CNN New York’s Bureau with Chief Medical Correspondent , Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Worked on segments for American Morning, Anderson Cooper 360, Time Magazine and two CNN Specials. RU+ , a special on the HIV Virus and a special on the neurological basis of Memory.. Most recently worked on the CNN Global summit in 2006 “End of AIDS” featuring the the Global Clinton Initiative outreach to make AIDS drugs available around the world. In September 2006 the Neurological Basis of Memory special that was completed during internship is nominated for a Freddie award (The Emmy award equivalent for medical news pieces)

Most recently I worked at HLN (formerly Headline News) which is CNN's sister network. I was an on air medical commentator on "Nancy Grace", a nightly news and current affairs show on HLN that focuses on crime and victim rights. I dscussed  aspects of forensic and clinical medicine that pertain to individual cases in the headlines later contributing to medical/health related segments from a variety of current headlines often being called to go on air just hours before live broadcast

I was blessed to have also worked with Ashleigh Banfield for her show Primetime Justice and still stay in touch with her today. I was based out of the New York Bureau until 2018

CNN still remains a powerhouse when it comes to true first rate journalism and I am proud to be a part of the family

2021 marks 20 years of Dr. Gupta at CNN. I am honored to call him my friend and mentor as even this year I keep in touch with him as I further develop my career and my mission to return to CNN